British Summertime

The summertime is something the british fondly remember from childhood, usually from family holidays, and many of the old traditions live on today. our relatively narrow window of summer weather each year brings the crowds flocking from near and far to the seaside. we build sandcastles with our children, eat fish and chips, visit the ice cream van, paddle in the sea, scream on rollercoasters, buy souvenirs, watch the fishing boats arriving in dock, and most importantly build memories. every british family has albums full of these types of photos.

while i generally don't like taking photos on very bright sunny days, there's no doubt that in certain settings it just fits like a glove. i also have a newfound appreciation of photographing in these conditions. for a year or so i have been shooting a 35mm film slr given to me by my sister, and realistically film loves light; lots of light! i have discovered through trial and error that my favourite film stocks just simply don't look their best unless i give them bright and sunny conditions. i think film mirrors the nostalgia of this project perfectly.

these images were shot on various film stocks, including kodak portra 160, kodak ektar 100, kodak gold 200, kodak portra 400 and kodak vision 3 250D