For Models:
Welcome to my portrait gallery. I work with both professional and amateur models on outdoor fashion shoots, and enjoy collaborating and bringing together ideas from both sides to create beautiful works of art. I do mainly trade shoots, and guarantee 10 images (usually it's significantly more than this for a 2-3 hour shoot) for models to use in their portfolios. As a bonus, I also shoot 35mm film on all my portrait shoots (click here to view examples of film portraits). These always give a characterful, vintage look, and something completely different to the precise, clinical product of digital. It's almost like having two photoshoots in one.
If you'd like to work with me please feel free to DM me on any of my social media (links at the foot of the page). I'm also on Purple Port (@davidellinsworth) if you'd prefer to contact me that way, and also to check out my references. 

For Non-Models, Couples and Families
If you have never done modelling before but would like a model-type shoot, or are a couple who wish to have a memorable photoshoot creating romantic portraits together, or simply wish to shoot some family/group portraits at a beautiful outdoor location, please do get in touch because we can definitely make that happen. I usually charge £50* for such shoots, which includes all post-production (editing); however, you will pay nothing until you have viewed your watermarked previews and are 100% happy with them. In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your images, you will pay nothing, and I will even give you a one-time option to re-do the shoot at no extra cost. I'm offering this because I really do care about my clients being happy with their images, and I am not content with handing over work that does not make you happy.

*discount available for individuals, couples, and families on low income. I do not expect you to present proof of financial hardship (e.g. benefits letters) but if you feel as though you qualify for a discount please feel free to discuss this with me. I know first-hand how precluding individual circumstances can be, and do not believe these should be a barrier to obtaining memorable photographs.

>>click to view portraits shot on film<<


Claudia Sampford

Jess Bannan

Diana Drebota

Chloe Jade Nasey

Carys Eckley

Carla Spruce

Natalie Spruce

Jo Donaldson

Teresa Barbato