Film Photography

As someone who has, after a 20 year abstinence, returned to shooting film in parallel with digital there is something truly special and nostalgic about analogue photography. Indeed, film and lab bills are so eyewateringly expensive, and there are plenty easier and cheaper ways to emulate the look of various film stocks both in-camera (if you are a Fujifilm shooter) or in-post. It must be said, either way can give great results, but I shoot film simply because, despite the expense, I love doing it, and enjoying the process is the only reason I need. 

Below are my favourite film images from the last couple of years. These were shot on various film stocks, including Kodak Portra 160 and 400, Kodak Gold 200, Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Vision 3 250D, Kodak Ektachrome E100, Fuji Provia 100F and Kodak Colourplus 200.